Kamis, 30 Juni 2011

"Evil Town" Devil Dice Lyrics

(Song/Words : JRX)

Everything goes wrong, i feel really down
Things just seem too strong to controlled by my own brain
Fear no evil eyes, set to let me burn
Contradiction's blast, at this point of no return..

Three steps from the bar, he called me stupid name
Storming all the story, gimme' one ticket straight to hell
The lady she looks fine, tonight she'll be the Queen
But when she turns, yea when she turns
Your soul is on her hand..

Wish upon the stars, calling thousand names
I wish u know, can you be here and teach me to be strong
But confusion stays, within all confess, oh my god is it just another hell?

Kickin' up the streets, it's hotter than before
Motherfuckers died on their sophisticated way
Little kids they ran, a little crime has done, thing's won't change, just never change
Morality went down..

Don't drag the past, reality its killing me, insanity
There's no remorse, if you won't try, to get the hell outta this evil town!!

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