Kamis, 30 Juni 2011

"Childhood Broken Glass"Devil Dice Lyrics

[Song/Words: Kuzz/JRX]

A kid is down, secretly run away....
From his past, was made of broken glass
Childhood memories, nothing but the tears...
And he's lost, asking what is love?

All the love he was looking for...
Was a wrong turn down dark alley ways
There's nothing much you're gonna say....

And he misses you, like he needed you
When the sun goes down and tomorrow never comes
And he misses you, like he needed you
So family and friends, would you fix his poisoned heart...

A door is closed, something was destroyed...
Dirty words lit the violence
Wasn't beautiful, he was just a kid....
In revenge he wants to take it back

Crime, drugs and alcohol
Society thought him how to hate...
Again and again he got fucked!

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